Understanding Prayer

       Prayer is known as a tool, a method and a mechanism of communication with God. It is a platform from the depth of the soul to call unto the depth of God's wisdom, love and comfort.

The Human soul was designed to thrive with prayer. You may then ask: What happens in the unbelieving soul? I know what happens to the believing soul when it calls upward to the beneficence of its maker. The soul finds solace, finds comfort in the arms of its redeemer.

      Redemption is a restoration, a make-over beyond makeovers. A makeover which goes below the 'skin' of soul and blesses spirit. Redemption is a restoration to the glory which anoints us for the primordial purpose of Heaven. (Read Gen. 1:28, Gen. 2:7, Gen. 12:2, Zech. 8: 1-17 then Zech. 8: 18-23).The perfect redemption came with the gift of salvation.(Read Ephesians 1:7, Col.1:14)

      The results of prayer are consciously received as we exit our 'prayer closet', but the answer to prayer is instant.God does not have to think before giving an answer.The word of God says that God hears us even before we voice our prayer. He sees into our soul, the root of conception, and dispatches His ministering Angels even before the soul has finished wrapping words around the target of a prayer. 

       We should, however, continue to give breath to our prayerful thoughts as they serve many purposes.I have found that, in being conscious of my words as I pray and keeping my eyes on Jesus- the author and finisher of my faith, I am able to swim the deep waters of Heaven where comfort, healing, peace and wisdom may be found.

       And when done with prayer, let us seek our answers in signs, wonders and the God-inspired favor of Man. They are all the outpourings of heaven for they are the miraculous works of an Almighty God Jehovah Jireh. Till we meet again, I greet you...

Shalom Alekheim