Evangelist T. Ogunsakin is a Pharmacist, Missionary, Poet and Inspirational Writer. By the progressive revelation of Almighty God, he serves as a multi-talented and God-fearing Minister primarily as an Evangelist and a Teacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  He is a product of the Minnesota Graduate School of Theology (Master’s in Missiology) and Newburgh Theological Seminary, Indiana (Doctor of Philosophy in Missions, Evangelism & Church growth).

Holding Master’s degrees in Higher Education as well as Instructional Design & Technology, both from Walden University, the Evangelist brings all he has been blessed with to the edification of the Church and the glorification of God’s Kingdom.

He likes to relax by playing Gospel Keyboards and creating Digital art.

He is fully committed to the service of Almighty God, and preaching the Gospel through his works, workshops and initiatives. His global initiative is named PANORHEMA, a mission to teach the revelatory and potent word of God.


Phone: 478-719-3486, 478-253-0400